Birth to 12 Years Old
7am To 5:45pm
Located Inside St. John's Lutheran School

Mission Statement: 
Recognizing our Savior's command that His Gospel be shared with the world, which includes people of all ages and race;
And also realizing the strategic role and blessings that marriages and families built on Christ and His Word provide for individuals, the church and society;
And also realizing the tremendous blessings, opportunities, time and resources that Jesus has given to us;
We the members and friends of St. John's Lutheran Church of Jefferson, WI will operate and support St. John's Child Care Ministry, to offer quality child care and to serve individuals and families of all ages with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Teaching Philosophy and Purpose:
In Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me." St. John's Child Care Ministry is designed to assist parents in guiding each child in the ways and instruction of our loving Lord.

St. John's Child Care Center will strive to provide opportunities that help children...
     Develop spiritually by daily hearing and applying God's Word
     Develop intellectually by providing age appropriate activities in basic language arts, communication skills, science, reading, and math readiness
     Develop physically through opportunities to use their large and small motor skills and abilities
     Develop socially through opportunities which are based upon Christ-centered , God-pleasing principles of love and concern for each other's safety and well-being
     Develop creatively through opportunities to express themselves through art, music, movement, and creative play
     Develop emotionally by creating an atmosphere in which each child knows that he/she is a redeemed child of God

For more information please contact us at 920-674-4964.
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