Openings in Both 3K and 4K

Jesus gives all Christians the direction, “Feed My Lambs.”  John 21:5  We stand ready to help you do this.

St. John’s Lutheran Preschool is dedicated to assisting the parents in the development of their children by offering a Christian preschool program.

We provide a warm, inviting and well-equipped setting where children are free and safe to play and learn.  Children will receive guidance to stimulate spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical growth through the planned curriculum.  

The experiences at the school will lead the children to appreciate their life as a redeemed child of God, promote satisfying friendships and help prepare them for dealing with their expanding worlds by giving them a Christian foundation on which to build. 
St. John’s Lutheran Preschool admits children of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.   Children must be at least three years old and toilet trained to qualify for enrollment.
St. John’s Lutheran Little Lambs Preschool Offers: 
A Christian based learning center for preschool children. 
Security and consistency for the child which fosters the natural curiosity to engage the child in learning about his environment. 
The opportunity for 3-5 year old children to socialize, develop empathy and problem solving skills. 
Breakfast and milk provided during each session. 
Use of the gymnasium and playground for daily activities. 
Field trips for enrichment purposes. 
Opportunities for Christian worship and fellowship. 
Further education in grades K-8 at St. John’s Lutheran School. 
Before- and after-school care available through the childcare program

Daily Learning Activities Include: 
Daily Bible Lesson:  ChristLight Bible Lesson series will be used.
Socialization Skills:  During interactions with teachers and peers while in small and large group settings.  Also through playing together in a free choice work environment. 
Phonemic Awareness:  Emphasized through books, stories, rhymes, environmental print, flannel board activities, chart songs, name games. 
Math Concepts:  sorting objects, meaningful counting, patterning, estimating. 
Small Motor Development:  The exploration of a wide variety of art materials, puzzles and other manipulatives. 

For More Information: 
Mrs. Stephanie Treder, Director
Mrs. Hollie Borck, 3K teacher
Mrs. Jamie Malonie, 4K teacher